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Who We Are

Adpro srl established in 2013 by an idea of 3 partners with a solid and long experience in the machine tools Business.

The first goal was the development and marketing of fire-fighting systems for machine tools in Italy In partnership with SIEMENS, followed in the 2017 with the agreement with Nippon Oil Pump for the distribution and marketing in Italy of the innovative self-filtering pumps of the Japanese company.

What We Do

Adpro srl get competences in the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems for machine tools, electric power cabinets and test benches.

We are available to evaluate with you the applicability of NOP solutions to your needs. Of course we can offer a full comprehensive service of installation and the supply of accessory/components specially developed for each individual customer for a turnkey supply.

Latest News

SIEMENS SINORIX gets VDS Approval for the protection of Lithium Ion batteries storages

5 December 2019

Broken the “wall” of 300 systems SINORIX al-deco STD and PLUS installed on machine tools in Italy

5 December 2019

Year 2019 was a difficult year for the machine tool business and obviously protection systems were also affected, however despite the year Adpro still continues to growth, if not as the number of systems installed in period, as quality and complexity: SINORIX al-deco PLUS, fire prevention system for double safety channel machine tools and certified […]

Let’s discover NOP’s startegies for the Future

15 August 2018

Let’s Enjoy the new Nippon Oil Pump video and discover what their future holds for us.  

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Cerchiamo tecnici installatori con competenze di quadristica elettrica e capacità di lettura schemi elettrici per macchine utensili

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Adpro Srl

Registered Office:
Via Podgora, 13 - 20122 Milano · Italy

Operational Office:
Via Astico, 19 - 20128 Milano · Italy

Phone: +39 335 461 445

Francesco Oliva
+39 335461445

Paolo Fontana
+39 3498850190

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